Month: September 2018

  • Mailroom Tools

    Mailroom Tools

    Mailrom Tools (Mailroom server and Mailroom Clerk client) help you develop locally against web hooks, HTTP callbacks from a remote server. To learn how to use the tools read post Debugging Webhooks It is an open source project. You can read documentation and look at the source code on GitHub.

  • API Client Design

    API Client Design

    When you extensively work with certain APIs, like Shopify’s for example, you will end up with bunch of functions that map to API’s endpoints. One of the approaches I have seen so far is to create an API class ShopifyApi and make those functions class methods. So it looks something like the figure below. I…

  • SSH Key Set Up for Multiple GitHub Accounts

    A great article on how to set up and manage ssh keys for multiple github accounts/repositories SSH Keys with Multiple GitHub Accounts

  • Extracting SKUs from Shopify Products

    Let’s assume we have a use case. We create products at In the end of each day we want to sync newly created products to Shopify store using API. Each product that we are creating has a unique code to identify it. This code corresponds to Shopify product’s sku. This is how we link…