Month: May 2016

  • SE Calorie Tracker

    SE Calorie Tracker

    This is Seafood Expert Calorie Tracker mobile phone app.  The thing that distinguishes this app from other calorie tracking apps is the information about seafood: Omega-3 and Mercury content Taste and texture description Seafood facts This app also has such features as: Ability to set calorie goal Tracks calories and seafood meals over 7, 14,…

  • Seafood Expert App

    Seafood Expert App

    This mobile phone app can be used as a training aid  for restaurant crew members.  It has theoretical information about seafood, practical skills section, quiz section, and restaurant news section.  It uses custom built API that fetches data from MySQL database.  Data can be changed and updated on the fly.

  • TED Mobile Phone App

    TED Mobile Phone App

    This is mobile phone application that fetches and displays TED RSS feeds.  It lets you keep up with the latest TED talks.

  • AngularJS/NodeJS SPA

    AngularJS/NodeJS SPA

    This AngularJS single page application (SPA) is coded in AngularJS.  It is hosted on NodeJS Express server.  This quiz app is totally dynamic. Questions are fetched and assembled on the fly from MySQL database using API written in NodeJS and hosted on the same server.  Each time quiz is taken, questions are randomized and capped…

  • Cosmetics Co. Website

    Cosmetics Co. Website

    This website is being designed for Cosmetics Made In USA company.  It is cross-device and cross-platform compatible and mobile friendly.  It has multi-layer slider, Google map, multiple gallery and contact form integration.  It has user authentication feature – to view prices and create user accounts.

  • E-commerce Website

    E-commerce Website

    A full-featured e-commerce website for business to business company built on Prestashop platform.  It is mobile friendly and cross device and browser compatible.  It is in sales mode for only authorized visitors, for others it is in catalog mode.

  • Dance Studio Website

    Dance Studio Website

    This website was designed for Celebration Ballroom Studio.  It is responsive, cross browser and cross device compatible and mobile friendly.  It has front-end editing capabilities. It has contact form, photo and video galleries.  It is integrated with Google Maps, Google Analytics, Hotjar, and SEO.

  • Chiropractic Website

    Chiropractic Website

    This WordPress website was built for Dr. Glenn Lowenberg, sports chiropractor. It is responsive and mobile friendly. It is cross browser and cross device compatible, with integration of social media and blog. This website is highly customized for my client’s personal needs.